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popular science knowledge

Why do dogs like to sit on cats?

source: Publish:2022-05-18 Hot:
       A lot of people have dogs and cats in their homes, right? I don't know if you've ever seen a dog sitting on a cat? If you search for the key word 'dogs sit on cats' on Youtube, you can easily find cute videos of dogs sitting on cats.
      But behind this seemingly silly behavior, dogs have their reasons! Does seeing a dog behave like this also mean that the owner must pay more attention? Come and see what's going on!


The dog said, I am the boss!

      Dog personality is more loyal and honest, so in the cat and dog war often at a disadvantage! When faced with a quick and accurate cat, the dog has to keep eating and suffocating! Long - term how good - tempered dogs will also be explosive! So I tried to sit on the cat or on the head, just to tell the cat, I've had enough of you! I'm the boss!

This can cause stress

It may seem silly and cute at first sight, but it doesn't really make the cat obey, it puts pressure on them! A stressed cat is more likely to become violent and aggressive.

      The master must pay more attention

      The act of sitting on a cat is a sign that the dog may have been fed up with some of the aggressive or prankish behaviour of the cat and began to feel resentful about wanting to assert himself. If the cat fights back now, there could be a fight or even injury! Therefore, if the host sees such behavior, it is better to pay more attention to their interaction to prevent accidents!