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popular science knowledge

What kind of dog is good breeding?

source: Publish:2022-05-18 Hot:
You can often see the need to master in the park after yelling dog behind the ass, and rictus dog at strangers in public places, and jumping up and down in the sitting room, can't get host and the guest to say a few words on the dog. The breeding of dogs is directly related to that of their owners. A well-bred dog can also reflect their owners' breeding and hierarchy. So what kind of dog is a well-bred dog? Dogs are very obedient and follow every instruction you give them. These commands should at least include sitting down, lying down, standing still, sitting still, coming here, playing by yourself, etc. Dogs should show enough patience and kindness to your guests and strangers, not including intruders, of course. When you're talking to someone, the dog should sit quietly at your feet or lie at your feet until the conversation is over. Instead of walking impatiently, or even trying to pull you away. A dog should not appear anxious when meeting a stranger, and should be happy to be touched by a stranger at his master's behest. When meeting other dogs, your dog should be able to get along with them in a friendly and calm way, rather than, as some dogs do, showing a strong desire to attack or fear or cowering. Four, with a dog on the street, well-trained dog walking between the crowd and streets, shall be as in your home garden or is downstairs, calm calm, and always polite to around with curiosity. Your dog should not overreact to emergencies around him. It can show the desire of curiosity and inquiry. But don't be nervous, afraid, or reactive. Training a dog is a need patience work, but a cultured dog can bring pride and happiness to you is can't use the exact measure of value, you will find more pains in training are all worth it.