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popular science knowledge

Have you ever heard of the dog memorial?

source: Publish:2022-05-18 Hot:
There are many animal monuments in the world, and the most famous one is the dog monument.
There is a monument to dogs in Paris, France. It was built in memory of a Wolf dog named Barry. The story is this: one year winter, snow storm peaks in northern Paris, southern piedmont avalanche happened suddenly, forty-one climbing toward the top of the mountain monastery passengers were buried in the snow. She was sent to the rescue with a few kilograms of liquor around her neck. She raced through the snow and ice and soon found where the passengers were buried. It struggled to pull open the snow his front PAWS, saved the frozen off passengers, and then cast stunts, with flexible limbs will pour liquor into the passenger's mouth, and saved a total of 41 people, when it's time to go to rescue 41 people, being mistaken for wolves had been killed, people have come to make sure it built a monument, to praise "barriss" feat.
There is also a dog monument on the high cliffs along the Sydney coast of Australia. Why is this monument built on a cliff? It turned out that in western society, workers' housing, cars, refrigerators and so on were paid in installments. Some unemployed people feel the world is cold and life is like a dream, so they come here to jump on the cliff and commit suicide. There is a small hotel nearby. The owner keeps a dog, who is good at looking at people's faces. It saw the happy people playing on the cliff and left with confidence. If you see those sad province a long face, rushed back to the hotel, will bring, the boss of the desperate encourage discussion and thus saved a lot of people, then the dog died, people think of it have saved the lives of many people, so it built a monument in the cliff.
In the garden of the Leningrad institute of experimental medicine, there is a world-famous monument to the nameless dog. At the top of the monument is a statue of a dog. The inscription reads: the dog has always been friendly to human beings, sensitive, tame and patient.
The monument to the stray dog was established in 1935 at the request of biologist Pavlov. He spent his whole life with dogs and conducted experiments on digestive physiology in dogs. He made great achievements and won the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine. Pavlov said, "to need a dog is to need a physiological instrument." The dog became his "faithful friend".