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popular science knowledge

Can cats eat chicken liver or not

source: Publish:2022-01-21 Hot:
Chicken liver belongs to animal internal organs, some cats love to eat! There are also chicken liver flavors in cat food. Some parents also like to make their own cat rice with chicken liver. But!!! But chicken liver cannot serve as staple food, want to eat less, for example a week eat a piece or two, and do not eat chicken liver purely. It's bad for your cat. The cat friends reported that after eating three chicken livers, their cat could not move, urinated and excreted. Their eyes were half open, and they seemed to have no strength at all. There are reports of drowsiness and death from overeating.
So chicken liver cannot be the staple food for cats! Here's why:

Chicken liver mainly contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus and other ingredients. It has high nutritional value, good palatability and unique smell, which is favored by dogs and cats. But if eat liver for a long time, and eat liver alone can appear a few diseases.

Obesity - because chicken liver is rich in fat and carbohydrates, excess energy in dogs and cats who eat liver for a long time can lead to obesity, and obesity can increase the incidence of diabetes, pancreatitis and cardiovascular diseases.

The skin is itchy - there are more growth-promoting agents in chicken feed, and most of these chemicals are metabolized by the liver. Therefore, eating chicken liver for a long time may cause food allergy or chronic accumulation of toxicity, which may lead to skin diseases.

Vitamin A toxicity, chicken liver contain large amounts of vitamin A, if use chicken livers with carrot feeding can make an excessive amount of vitamin A, can't timely discharge can cause vitamin A chemicals poisoning, cause disease such as pain, limping and teeth from falling out.

Calcium - because the liver high phosphorus and low calcium, at the same time has inhibitory effect on the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, eat liver for a long time can cause the body lack of calcium, causing rickets of dogs and cats in infancy or adult cat rickets.

Bleeding -- the coagulation of the body requires calcium. If the dog and cat eat liver for a long time, calcium deficiency will lead to coagulation dysfunction, and chronic bleeding or acute bleeding will not be easy to stop bleeding.

Postpartum twitching - eat liver of dogs and cats for a long time in postpartum because lactation causing huge loss of calcium, and itself reserves of calcium and very few, so it's easy to appear low blood calcium, characterized by panting, salivate, convulsions, stiffness. If the treatment is not timely, it may cause death.

Although eating liver for a long time has all sorts of malpractice, but it is not to say chicken liver cannot eat absolutely. In some cases, chicken liver is a good supplement for dogs and cats:

First, dogs and cats prone to colds and diarrhea can use the high content of chicken liver vitamin A to maintain the integrity of respiratory and digestive epithelial cells to enhance the body's resistance.

Second, for the dog and cat with poor appetite or serious disease without appetite, can use the good palatability of chicken liver to stimulate appetite, gradually restore digestive tract function.

Third, for dogs and cats with poor nutrition or weak constitution, the high protein content in the liver of chicken can make them increase nutrition and enhance their health.

Read on to find out if chicken liver can be eaten by your cat. May your cat be healthy and active!